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Portsmouth Historic Houses Association Presents

Visit Portsmouth Historic Houses
Twilight Tour
presents "Dining Through History"
Friday, August 19, 2016, 4:30-8PM

Moffatt Ladd House by Twilight - Photo by Alan Haesche

Tickets Good for Admission to Nine Sites on Evening of Tour
or During Balance of 2016 Season

“What a great way to see these sites!” - Overheard in 2014.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire – On Friday August 19, from 4:30-8PM, nine of Portsmouth’s historic sites will be open for a special Twilight Tour.  “Now that the Albacore is part of the Portsmouth Historic Sites Associates, we thought it would be a great treat for the public to see ‘Dining Through History,’ over three centuries, from the early years of the 18th century at Warner House, up to the mid-20th century and crew’s and officer’s mess on the Albacore,” commented Barbara Ward, the group’s president.  “And with free shuttle transportation between the sites courtesy of the Mark Wentworth Home, and free parking at the Albacore,  it’s easier than ever to see all of the sites.”  To make the night especially entertaining, each  site will be offering its own unique take on the theme of dining; most will offer light refreshments, and there will be some live music as well.  The tour is a great way to spend the early evening before dinner in Portsmouth, and will be of especial interest to visitors who are in town to attend Northeast Auctions’ weekend sale. 

Not only are tickets available for a magical evening experience, but there is an extra bonus.  For just $18 (advance sale price; $20 on the evening of the tour), visitors can see all nine participating sites throughout the remainder of the 2016 season – a $67 value. 

Free parking at the Albacore Park and at the Wentworth-Coolidge mansion.  The first shuttle will depart from the  Albacore Park at 4:30 PM.  Proceeds from the tour benefit the member sites of the Portsmouth Historic Sites Associates, Inc. (PHSA), and PHSA joint programming.

Participating in the Twilight Tour are:
Warner House (1716), 150 Daniel Street.  Candlelight, dining décor from the 18th through the early 20th century and light refreshments.
Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion (1750), 375 Little Harbor Road.  The three families will be represented on the first floor of the house.  Light refreshments provided.
John Paul Jones House (1758), 43 Middle Street (corner of Middle and State Streets).  Historic place settings as enjoyed in the 18th century, live music and refreshments.
Wentworth-Gardner House (1760), 50 Mechanic Street.  Enjoy Colonial Revival style in a     beautiful Georgian home.
Chase House (1762), Strawbery Banke Museum. Enter at 358 Court Street. Exhibit and        costumed role player in 18th century formal dining room and kitchen.
Moffatt-Ladd House (1763), 154 Market Street. Historic settings, and a modern view of dining         through the eyes of local businesses; light refreshments.
Governor John Langdon House (1784), 143 Pleasant Street. Historic place settings, light        refreshments.
Rundlet-May House (1807), 364 Middle Street.  Historic place settings, light refreshments.
USS Albacore (1953) 600 Market Street.  “Eating Underwater!”  Historic naval place settings and exhibit of submariner fare aboard a US Navy submarine.

Tickets are: Adults: $18  ($20 at the door) and Children 12 and under: $8 ($10 at the door) and are available online from the Strawbery Banke Museum website (www.strawberybanke.org), or in person at Discover Portsmouth at 10 Middle Street and each of the member museums. Tickets are valid for the 2016 season for admission to participating museums and entitles bearer to free parking and continuous shuttle service from the USS Albacore parking lot on August 19th only.

To visit individual websites for all of the sites, go to www.portsmouthhistoricsites.org, and follow the links.  For the most up-to-date information on Twilight Tour, including ticketing and shuttle information, please visit the Portsmouth Historic Sites Associates facebook page or call (603) 430-7968.

The Portsmouth Historic Sites Associates includes Historic New England; Moffatt-Ladd House and Garden, Portsmouth Historical Society (John Paul Jones House); Strawbery Banke; The Gundalow Company; USS Albacore Museum, Warner House, Wentworth Lear Association, and the Wentworth Coolidge Mansion. The Portsmouth Historic Sites Associates partners centuries-old historic homes and vessels, some of the most important in America. Within the architectural treasures, a multitude of rooms with authentic antique furnishings reveal poignant stories of home and work in a thriving seaport community, while the historic vessels detail chapters of Portsmouth’s history afloat.

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